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Not only do we have solutions for your hosting requirements, but with our world-class Supportline® HelpDesk portal so you can rest assured that when you need support, you can receive it 24/7.

Customize Your Hosting Environment

Enhance your hosting environment and customize it with our wide range of hosting services. From databases and security services, to networking and storage needs, these services are guaranteed to take your site or application to the next level.

Semi-Dedicated Hosting Plans

eMedia EFX does not offer shared hosting plans. In shared hosting, a single server is shared by a large number of clients who are hosting typing several hundred websites in most cases. Shared hosting can easily impact website performance, speed, and overall reliability. since the server’s resources are all shared among the different clients since no one client has their own dedicated memory or CPU allocation.

Semi-dedicated hosting is a form of shared hosting, but eMedia EFX limits the number of clients are placed on a single server. The resources are shared by by multiple clients but due to the limited number of clients on a single server performance and reliability is significantly improved and better managed.

A Semi-Dedicated server will include:

  • Fewer Number of Hosting Accounts per Server
  • Better CPU and RAM Resource Usage and Availability per Client
  • Increased MS SQL Database Connections and Performance
  • Increased Web Hosting Performance and Speed
  • Better Disk I/O Performance
  • Fully Managed Hosting by eMedia EFX Service Level Agreement - No I/T Skills Required
  • Plesk Administrative Control Panel and Tools per Client Account
  • Private Cloud Virtual Private Server Hosting

    For heavier server demands and dedicated RAM and CPU cycles, eMedia EFXA offers our clients a Virtual Private Server (VPS) within our Cloud environment. This is a hosting environment where your website allocated a "slice of a larger server". eMedia EFX assigns a high performance dedicated server and divides it into smaller “virtual” servers (aka virtual machines) that are then assigned to our clients. This VPS offering gives you complete control and root access to your virtual server via a remote desktop if you desire. Under our Supportline "Service Level Agreement" (SLA) offering eMedia EFX provides fully managed VPS instances thereby eliminating the need for our clients to have any technical skills or an in house I/T staff. The primary advantage of a VPS is your server resources are dedicated to a single client which means that only that client will have access to the RAM, CPU, applications and data stored on the virtual server.

    Dedicated Server Hosting

    For optimal performance and by far the most expensive hosting option, eMedia EFX offers our clients the option of a Dedicated Server configure to your specifications. Our Dedicated Servers include administrator access to the powerfull PLESK control panel and as with the VPS option, a single client has full control of the server CPU, RAM, applications and storage configured on the server. eMedia EFX will "fully manage each Client's Dedicated Server under our Supportline "Service Level Agreement" (SLA) offering.

    A Dedicated Server will include:

  • A Single Hosting Account per Server
  • Maximum CPU and RAM Resource Usage and Availability for a Single Client
  • Unlimited MS SQL Database Connections and Performance (based on server limits)
  • Maximum Web Hosting Performance and Speed
  • Maximum Disk I/O Performance
  • Fully Managed Hosting by eMedia EFX - No I/T Skills Required
  • Plesk Administrative Control Panel and Tools for a Single Client Account